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Cultivating the Self - and Community 

5 x 3 hour sessions on Self and Community
$375  OR
we can tailor make a class to suit your needs!


Venue and dates to be advised, when you send us your enquiry.

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   Setting My Intention


I am focused on pointing my awareness

back into myself, for only there lies the answer

to all my questions and the key

to peace, love and freedom.


It is not an easy path, it is simple,

yet takes all the determination, focus

and courage I can muster!


The result is a magical, ever inspiring,

ever expansive and love-filled peace

deep within.

Heart Rules!

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In this series of classes we address key elements of being OURSELF. It is essential to know ourself WELL for our individual peace, power, strength and clarity. Most of us only know ourselves in context of the 'others' in our lives.

Yet, Your Flow, your recognition of your own needs and unique ways of asserting them with love & understanding are what makes the difference. For yourself first & then automatically it will include others and benefit the whole 'community' in ways we may not have imagined. Sound like an adventure worth having?




1)  HEART - the 'Heart of the Matter'

2)  EARS need retraining to hear ourself

3)  EYES see through old outmoded filters and can bend our perspective

4)  BRAIN thinks it's Boss, but it's not

5)  SKIN is the biggest organ and the seeming border of 'us' - but is it really?


They are all incredible multi-faceted consciousness tools and when used FOR us and not AGAINST us, LIVING becomes a very different experience.

Once brought to our awareness and heightened in our consciousness that heart rules and the brain is best used as its’ tool, life takes on a completely different hue!  

  • Our deLIGHT comes in

  • The passion for exploration & discovery grows

  • Our connection to all living beings becomes naturally ‘normal’

  • Natural compassion flows again

  • We KNOW ourself


What seemingly miraculous changes could take place - for our primary relationships, our friendships and whole community?  Chances are it will change the WORLD!


Win/Win is a great option for our way of living!

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