Peace Education Program

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The Peace Education Program is an innovative series of video-based workshops that help people discover their own inner strength

and personal peace.

The program gives participants the opportunity to focus and reflect on their own humanity, and their inner resources such as choice, hope, and dignity. Rather than describing or defining personal peace, the program empowers individuals to reach their own understanding. Everyone can benefit. The program has proven effective in a variety of settings including community centers, youth groups, schools, adult education programs, veterans’ groups, healthcare settings, senior centers, homeless shelters, drug rehabilitation facilities, and correctional facilities.

Each workshop features video excerpts of renowned author, Prem Rawat’s

inspiring presentations on one of ten themes:


Peace, Appreciation, Inner Strength,

Self-awareness, Clarity, Understanding,

Dignity, Choice, Hope and Contentment.


The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) provides access to the course materials to organizations and volunteers free of charge, making the Peace Education Program readily available to diverse populations in more than 70 countries and in over 30 languages. (countries offering program highlighted in orange).

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A new song and music video “Together for Peace” ("Juntos por la Paz") was created by Calle Paz y Respeto, a group of former gang members in Ecuador who were inspired by the peace education workshops to change their ways and become a force for good in their community. They asked TPRF to share it to help inspire disadvantaged youth and all people everywhere to come together for peace.

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