Hello, The New World Creating!


A utopia (yoo-TOH-pee-ə) is an envisioned community or society that possesses

highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its people...

Everything we need can be supplied by ‘leaves’ -

Mother Nature can supply all our essentials and more, in life.

“Mother Nature, gives us life”

As the citizens of our local and global communities find our way to choose the path forward through this major crossroad, we are committed to 'feeding the white wolf' and spending our energy on one major solution that can steer us in a long awaited and fought for over a very long time now!

I love seeing so many things that I was once considered, literally, "the witch who lives on the hill" for having in my 'medicine cabinet' are now quite mainstream and used by more and more people. Yes, am talking about natural medicines, healing herbs, pleasant practices and more responsibility for our own bodies and minds.

Each step, each Being (Plant, Animal or Human) is of huge importance and can tip the balance of an eco system if destroyed! Mother Nature supplies an abundance and if we use our common sense, indigenous wisdom, gentle husbanding, ability to deLIGHT in the very breath we are given freely, there could easily be the 'Utopia' most of us would prefer! Lisa and myself are choosing to promote more ease and growth by featuring the central pivot to life here - the glorious plants that feed us, shelter us, store excess carbon, provide most all of what we need, most of what we want.

Lisa and I will be bringing more products (Hemp & Bush Tucker) and who knows what else we can find to offer you in the future that is aligned with our 'all natural' kudos or as close as we can get! For now we have our own first range of Wall Art/Stationary/Water Bottles etc.


Our Mother Nature Series is NOW available:

1. Go to the PRODUCTS page ...

2. Click on the image that you like (Mandala or Poster)

3. You will be on our range of products with that image on it (ready to buy through Redbubble) ;-)

Proud to be an affiliate for their products ...

LIFE CYKEL are a great, integral company in Byron Bay, NSW - just 'down the road' from us. My hubby and I have been taking Turkey Tail Tincture since the CVirus started and can feel all sorts of powerful effects from it!

Click on the image and you can see their awesome site and simply Fabulous products from packs of grow your own to Mushie Coffee!

They also support research to help the BEES...

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