Weaving Magic and Ancient Wisdom into Being!

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

What a beautiful, transformational and creative weekend we both had recently. Bringing into being our deeply personal and healing Medicine Drums. Soooo looking forward to playing and weaving healing energy into our Earthing classes to remind others of who they truly are through the beating of our own drums and hearts. Back to Mother Nature to Cultivate, Connect, Elevate, Circulate and Create! Much Gratitude to Anki Groening from Sacred Rising who is a Facilitator of Transformation and guided us along the path of consciousness and healing working with the Sacred Feminine.

We pay our respects to past, present and future Gumbaynggirr People who's land we slept on.

We went through a labour of love and re-birth, learning from our own birthing stories, healing past and present trauma, hurt and disconnection from our female ancestors to re-create and weave a beautiful future for ourselves, others and Mother Earth. For many of us, it was emotional, cleansing, joyful, frustrating, physical and fatiguing, BUT, we kept going and learnt about ourselves in the process. New friendships and family was born throughout the weekend, with laughter, music and singing, and deep gratitude for nourishing food, the kangaroo, trees and land that were provided for us. The story of the sacred Mountain and Kangaroo spirit that belongs there will be re-told soon. Aho!

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