Animals Are Aware

Humans have a long history with animals, yet have hardly understood them and what they have to offer!  I, Cathie, have had communication with a variety of species, often when least expected, and have shared both life saving experiences and simple ‘more weather coming’ type comments!  They are wise, have specialized abilities, are very clear on their part in the health and wellbeing of the ecosystem and have wisdom passed down for millions of years. They would rather share with us than destroy our mutual habitat and thus, life, as far too many humans have done.  Some of us are absolutely delighted to realise this and choose to develop our ability to be still inside, face our own crappola and receive their wisdom and help.

Airborne Animals

Both Lisa and I love animals – know of healers working with them and wish to promote their work and info on the rich and wonderful relationships we could have with them.  Here you will find more and more stories from us and from others and ways to connect with them should you wish to explore this truly wondrous option and experience.

A snapshot EXAMPLE – crows are supreme communicators, are very intelligent, they recognize us and can pass on our face image with information about whether we are friend or foe throughout vast areas due to their regular ‘meetings’ and connection as a whole. They have saved my life and my families’ lives on occasion...they are other stories!


Thus the many mythologies that surround Ravens and Crows.... from superstition and some from awareness.

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Mim's Story

Rescued during an extreme heatwave and being a Northern NSW, WIRES member gave myself and my children the privelage of looking after little orphan, Mim. (and a few more as well)

Bottle feeding through the night and day as well as weighing and toileting just like you would your own child, she grew to be healthy and strong to be released back into a lovely colony in her own environment.

Flying Foxes have personalities just like our own pets and really do look like little puppies with wings. Watching her stretch her wings as she grew was a pleasure and entertaining and the gratitude in her eyes as we fed her was precious.

We are honoured to have had that experience.

Lisa, Lilly and Zac.

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Earthly Animals

More amazing information coming soon about healing with Horses and how these beautiful creatures are sooo willing to contribute to us. 

Be sure to watch "A Dogs Purpose". More about the unconditional love that man's best friend is so willing to provide.

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