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LeafUtopia now presents....

When People, Animals and Earth unite...


What happens when Harry Potter meets Avatar? You get...


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All is serene in Fig Tree Valley until an unknown adversary arrives...

could he change their lives forever?

Come on this magical adventure into a little valley at the base of

Mt Warning, near

Murwillumbah, Australia.

Unknown talents and abilities are discovered when People, Animals and Earth unite, pulling out 'all stops' to save their beloved home.

What else turns up to surprise them all and take them beyond anything they thought was possible?

Mt Warning is one of the 12 places Australian Tourism advertise internationally.

Lets use that to stimulate business in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales

to promote an environmentally sound future for us all.

Avenues for "TriUnia" the Movie, are being sourced, so stay tuned.

"Aquania" and "Aeronia", the next in the Trilogy, are also coming!

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A collage of moments in the Caldera where Mt Warning sits, central and mystical, watching over the ancient and incredibly diverse rainforest and valleys.
This area has a multitude of rare and ancient species,some living 'fossils' millions of years old.

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 This Book is RIPE for NOW…A page turner.  Cath’s style of wordery is delightfully unique & utterly charming. It is a deLIGHT-filled vehicle of the upliftment this planet cries for.      

Zonti….. Universal Law Advocate


What is different is the book is not full of ‘unreal’ ideas but is gently leading the reader to be more ecologically aware of the world around us. Cath’s use of the CathicTionary was a great way to develop the word skills of the reader. That in itself was a lesson in the art of good writing.              

Therese Seymour, Principal, St Joseph’s School


I read Triunia with my daughters - aged 9 and 11. There was certainly something magical about this book.
My girls loved to learn about the environment and all the animals that live there. It contained description that is not present in many books which really brought the characters and scenery to life in front our your eyes. Thank you Cath.

Jessica, 'Mum's Say' at

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