Marine Life

Along with the Earth loving animals, our Marine life is not to be forgotten.

I, Lisa, have been proud to be a Sea Guardian of Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) for many years. They do amazing work by standing up for our marine animals and their precious environment and are incredible advocates for our oceans and animals. Their work educating and bringing awareness to people is invaluable and I am ever grateful. My late husband was a Marine Biologist and we spent many hours on the Great Barrier Reef marveling at the wondrous marine life whilst having truly amazing experiences.

Scientists claim that 94% of Earth's living species exist within our oceans, they also estimate that 50-80% of  of the oxygen production on earth comes from the ocean and over 80% of the global carbon is circulated through the ocean. We MUST protect it and preserve it.

Some people talk of amazing experiences with dolphins, whales, turtles or sharks, but there are also other interactions in the marine world that make our hearts sing. We recommend watching the movie ‘My Octopus Teacher’ to feel the connection and oneness in the special relationship between a human and a loving, highly intelligent being.

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The Little Fish...a precious gift from a dying little fish.

On a strangely windy, choppy water'd day as Jack (my darling doggie companion) and I were

walking and pottering about in a small cove on the estuary near our house, I was splishing in the

shallow water lapping at my ankles  when something pulled my attention downwards to my feet ... a tiny call, “Help”.

There was the sweetest little fish, about six inches (15cms or so) long, all silver scales with a fin missing and lesions over its' body.  The tiny waves were pushing it up onto the sand and then pulling it back as it struggled, single fin on topside of its' body and nothing to hold on to or with to steady it from the constant buffeting from what would have been relatively big waves to the little body.

My heart went out to the dying little being and immediately I called to the universe, the fish and myself ... 'What can I do to ease this little one's plight? Help!'  So aware of the vulnerability and delicate nature of the fragile body, the relentless pulling to and fro of the waters & the exhaustion taking over this sweet, helpless being was I that tears tore at my heart.  

Thank  heavens! In a momentary flash I 'got it' - "just let her rest so she can leave that torn and tired body, give her  a respite to focus on leaving rather than having the instinctual struggle to survive go on. So, I made a little indent in the sand and as the next wave came upon it, the little fish fell into the spot gently and could stay still.  I still tear up as I remember  the tenderness, gratitude and  sweetness that she looked at me with and heaved a tiny sigh or two (felt like a sigh, it or me I cannot tell!) and left that beaten body.

I could feel and hear the thank you in other sounds for long, poignant moments afterwards as Jack and I stood still, honouring the gift that tiny little being had just shared with us. 

For it's not the saving of life, the keeping it here on planetary planes that is all there is, having gone through parents dying and letting go of them, of death in so many guises over many years, none had been so 'sweet',  simply the joy and release from the struggle ... and relief! My darling Jack dog when he left was even more stunning to me...another story.

That spark of a moment still lives in me and grows ... I am in gratitude for that deep, deep wisdom ... bestowed upon me by a little fish!


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