Phenomenal Hemp

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We are just beginning to tap the 25,000+ uses we can have for this incredible plant in this time when it could quickly change the landscape of pollution, waste, increasing gap between 'haves and have nots'! Historically the 'industrial version' has been used for nourishing food, longevity and versatility in use for textiles and building etc!

More due to our desperate need globally now is also its' qualities of :

quick growth                                                          little water need

      variety of growing climates                                    carbon syncing capacities          

                                    fire resistance


 We are all well aware of the need for all these capacities and to get them in one plant type is truly phenomenal! Here is the end shot of a test done by Australian Hemp Masonry's by Professor Marton Marosszeky in August 2019! Flying embers traveling for up to 30 kms was the 2nd most hazardous and frightening aspect of the wildfire storms we have had all too recently, let this give you pause in deciding on a building material for your home - and for replacement of those burnt. Stunning results!


This fire test was conducted in August 2019 by Professor Marton Marosszeky, Director at BCRC, Sydney, NSW.  Built from Australian Hemp Masonry Company's products, a previously constructed hempcrete wall was rendered with 10mm of AHMC Hemp-lime Render. A week later a 600mm high pile of bush timber was piled up and ignited at the base of the wall. The test was conducted to simulate an ember attack situation during bushfires where there is potential for a buildup of fuel at the base of walls.


The fire was maintained for 1 hour and fully documented. No damage was observed in the 200mm thick, 10mm rendered hempcrete wall exposed to a 600mm high flame from a fire burning right against the wall for a period of 60 minutes."

There are so many tried and true options amongst those doing Research and Development for this fantastically versatile raw material that also cleans the soil as well as the air! Really?

What's to think about, let alone resist?

Hemp can also be grown almost anywhere in the world. The plant itself contains two main types of fibre –


            medium/long fibres are extracted from the skin or bark of the plant 

            short fibres found in the wooden ‘hurd’ core of the plant.


And the plant also produces an abundance of seeds that can be retained for future crops or converted to a range of products from skin lotions to health supplements.

Can you imagine the reversal of pollutants (plastics & chemicals) and carbon content in our atmosphere when farmers can use it to clean the air AND the soil whilst giving back nutrients to the soil and growing 3 to 4 crops per year? Produce that can be used for just about every need we have and luxuries on top whilst keeping the earth cooling and increasing our health and well being in every way...

The increase in manufacturing of our own products in Australia. organically and prolifically as we aid the entire planet in atmospheric and weather system correction.  Jobs aplenty people empowered and prosperous; mental health and wellbeing of body the 'norm' whilst children have happy homes and violence, drug use and alcohol abuse a rarity!

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