"Every moment has a momentous gift for you.

Practice peace and change your world."

- Prem Rawat

Q:   Why 'Cultivating'? 

A:   We just don't fit 'educating' - something about the loaded meanings held in the word ... all those classes that weren't in our field of interest or passion; all the teachers that should have been doing something else or were being tied by protocols, curriculum and result targets; a huge need for something else... 

The new paradigm for learning has been functioning in our world in quiet pockets, brilliantly, successfully, but the world was not ready, then. 

NOW we MUST CHANGE OUR WAYS or lose ourselves and our home planet will wither even further.  The nurturing, the wholeness of our being and genius (however seemingly 'large or small') must be held with respect, listened to, acknowledged and fostered - you just never know what perspective of brilliance is being offered from unexpected places as it contributes to LIFE ON EARTH in our NEW evolution!

Thus, we coin a new term in this context - for we do need tending, to be given certain nutrients and allowed to grow in our own time and way, to be seen and heard, to have guidance. And the child within is ever eager for learning and discovering and honing new skills.   So after our introduction to our classes, scroll on to a few examples of such wholistic education that we see as beacons in these draconian times...

We are deLIGHTed to offer the following classes on topics we are passionate about. These aspects of life are essential to us and we feel will aid anyone of any age who find themselves attracted here. We value the journey together and contribution each amazing being gives. You may find  an answer to a need, a 'tweak' to help realign to the unmet and expansive new self you are discovering

and the world we can create.

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Allow us to inspire each other and embark on a nurturing journey of discovery that will enrich your everyday living and open your heart to a more harmonious, wondrous world with more connection to more of what Mother Nature offers. On this path you will meet your 'SELF' and many truths from within - this journey is not for the fainthearted as at times it can mean owning something avoided for a lifetime! The joy and freedom gained by the courage and commitment needed is priceless and empowering beyond measure ...

  • Cultivating The Self - BEing Human

  • Cultivating Community - Connecting to Others

  • Cultivating Plants and Animals - Interspecies Communication

  • Cultivating Earth - Grounded with EarthSpeak

Spaces are limited as we like to keep our classes small and personal so please message us for more information and let us know which classes you are interested in and we can then let you know details of dates, location, prices and times that these are available.

We will also have private Healing sessions of Reiki, Emmett, Animal/Human Relationship Consultations and more, available for you if you feel a calling.

Can't wait to meet you and Co-create a better world together.

 Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

- Helen Keller

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A few examples -


The Ringing Cedars of Russia

"We were talking about children. About the most important thing! Did you see the children? Tell me."

"Yes, I saw the children. Their faces looked intelligent and kind. The children were building a house all by themselves, a very beautiful house, and so big. And they were singing while they worked. And I saw a grey-haired man amongst them. This man was a scholar, an academician. And he appeared to me right off to be very wise..."

V. Megre "Space of Love", book 3

EXCERPTS from an interview with a Student from the School of ACADEMICIAN SCHETININ

He is in the old age but he looks young. He improves his endurance and jogs every day. He is a cheerful and joyful person, and it is very pleasant to communicate with him.

His vision of a system of education is based on the fact that he understands the value of every child. He believes that between 12-16 years of age the most important period of a person's life passes. At this time, internal images are laid, goals are set and guts are built on which the quality of whole future life will depend. If these elements are properly set, then the person will be successful.

Mikhail Shchetinin knows how to immerse a person into any state of mind with words. And he teaches us that each letter represents not only sound, but also carries an image. The word is a set of images, and a sentence is a system of images. Our success in life directly depends on how we speak and what images we propagate. In the lessons of the Russian language, we analyze the meanings and images of the letters.


Q: Is it possible to build such school anywhere without participation of Mikhail Shchetinin?

Absolutely! The main thing is to understand the educational structure and build an image of the school.

           (Prepared by Victor Rod,  http://ecology.md/)

Rudolph Steiner Education (Well Known)

A Steiner education fosters the human spirit in children and young adults, allowing them to flourish in a holistic learning environment that is oriented towards moral growth, social consciousness and citizenship.

Typically located in beautiful surrounds, our schools seek to nurture each individual and connect them to the reverence and awe of the natural environment, one another, and the world around them. Schools are grounded in working artistically, spiritually, practically and intellectually. As well as being integrated, the curriculum is broadly based, interdisciplinary and culturally rich.


Teaching is based on supportive and close relationships with teachers and strong, lifelong bonds between students. The values underpinning our education are gratitude, responsibility, collaboration, inclusivity, diversity and initiative. These are drawn from spirituality, engender self-worth, enrich relationships and develop a deep appreciation of our place in this world.


Now, more than ever before, Steiner education is recognised as a highly valued approach to develop flexible and agile thinking and an ability to collaborate and thrive in a 21st Century world. Gonski 2.0 highlighted the need for a contemporary education to emphasise critical and creative thinking, social skills and problem solving – delivering a deep sense of purpose, connectivity and agency to enact change. These are the hallmarks of a Steiner education. Our approach sets students up for a life of contribution and achievement, fulfilment and success, and gives them the confidence and capability to forge their own paths as free, morally responsible and resilient people.

Montessori Method of Education

The Montessori method of education is an educational method developed by Italian physician Maria Montessori. Emphasizing independence, it views children as naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a sufficiently supportive and well-prepared learning environment. It discourages some conventional measures of achievement, such as grades and tests.

Although a range of practices exist under the name "Montessori" these elements as essential:

  • Mixed-age classrooms: classrooms for children ages ​2 1⁄2 or 3 to 6 years old are by far the most common, but 0–3, 6–9, 9–12, 12–15, and 15–18-year-old classrooms exist as well

  • Student choice of activity from within a prescribed range of options

  • Uninterrupted blocks of work time, ideally three hours

  • A constructivist or "discovery" model, where students learn concepts from working with materials rather than by direct instruction

  • Specialized educational materials developed by Montessori and her collaborators often made out of natural, aesthetic materials such as wood rather than plastic

  • A thoughtfully prepared environment where materials are organized by subject area, within reach of the child, and are appropriate in size

  • Freedom within limits

  • A trained Montessori teacher who follows the child and is highly experienced in observing the individual child's characteristics, tendencies, innate talents, and abilities

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